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Marriage Bureau Application Details and Form

  • Any Individual or Caste Organisation or Marriage Bureau can open their Marriage Bureau in our website.
  • We require bureaus from all the cities and villages to join us.
  • Will be preferred if you have good knowledge of Internet Browsing, Internet Banking, E-wallets, UPI based payment apps, clear communication skills, cool mind, soft speech, honesty, enthusiastically visiting candidates homes to register them, etc.
  • Housewives / Students / Hobbyist with very good computer knowledge and looking for part time work can also apply.
  • 50% of the Membership fees are shared with you.
  • When candidates pay online - Automatically 50% shall get credited to your bank account in 10 days. After deducting 1.5 to 2% payment gateway fees.
  • When candidates pay to you directly then every month you have to pay us 50% of such transactions by 7th day of next month.
Your Work & Costs
  • Proactively connect with eligible candidates families and help them to register online.
  • Regularly followup with unregistered candidates until they register.
  • Teach candidates how to use the website.
  • Regularly advertise in newspaper, local caste magazine, etc. to connect with new eligible candidates. (Costs to be borne by you) 
  • Candidates may visit your place to register and pay registration fees OR you may have to visit them.
  • Make candidates profiles in one shot so that the alert system works for them.
  • We have not kept any compulsory fields in the profile. But you have to make sure that the candidate fills atleast following fields - Education Level, Height, Skin Tone, Body Shape, Diet, Smoking, Drinking, Income, City, Children, Contact Details, Profile Photo, Caste. So as to enable the alert system to work.
  • Get pics of Success stories and upload them on website.
  • Suspend members who upload fake details on their profile, extra smart who write contact details in wrong place or for whom unethical complaints are received.
  • Delete your members who have found their life partner.
  • Contact profiles who haven't used the website since 6+ months and ask if they have found match. If yes then delete their profile and upload success story.
  • Donot register banned people.
  • Give personal attention and more references to VIP members.
  • Check ID and Address Proofs and verify them.

Rules and Limitations

  • You have to compulsory add 30 new candidates every month.
  • Whatsapp - You cannot run whatsapp groups. You can operate broadcast lists to send short urls of candidates.
  • Website - You cannot run separate matrimonial website.
  • All candidates must be directed to login the website and use it. You are not allowed to directly share opposite profile contact details to your candidates outside of the website. Strictly all your paid candidates must view contact details of the profiles online thru website only. 
  • Incase you are joining only to get 'new data' for your existing members then please don't join us. 
  • You cannot make false promises to people.
  • Marriage bureaus who don't follow above rules shall be deactivated.
  • When people pay online and they demand refund then pay them back immediately by paytm or online transfer or cheque. As a chargeback on your account will get you suspended. Also add such profiles to banned list so that they cannot register again on our website through other marriage bureau.
  • Your marriage bureau shall be deactivated if by 7th we have not received 50% of offline membership fees received directly by you.

Joining Fees

  • Rs. 5000 non refundable one time setup fees.
  • We shall also require you bank account cancel cheque, pan card copy, aadhar card copy, etc for setting up your payment gateway account for online payment by members.

If you are interested then please submit below form.